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Title: 2024/7/21 13:36:13
Please bring back the lunch buffet. Several families in our circle of friends used to go to it at least 2 times per week. Haven't been back since it was dropped
Title: 2023/9/2 20:34:50
ordered C3 and dumplings, got a plate that looks and tastes like dog food, very sorry i went to this place, won't be back
Title: 2023/2/15 4:34:36
Hope you can appreciate my persistence; I have researched your brand online through multiple channels such as Google, Yelp, Facebook and Instagram and I have no doubt I can help you expand your brand to more locations through franchising. To learn more about our program for 2023 and book a quick follow up call between us please use the following calendar link: https://calendly.com/johnromney/fc-development-contact-form Best Regards, John Romney
Title: 2023/12/15 15:21:09
Website is not working when trying to order online ),:
Title: 2023/1/5 11:42:36
Called and it rang 10 times, hung up called again it was busy, called the third time someone answered and was put on hold for 9 minutes when I hung up they had not come back on the line. Completely fed up with poor service.
Title: 2022/3/30 19:32:22
Hi the name of the book we talked about is The fortune cookie chronicles By Jennifer 8 Lee the food was great
Title: 2022/2/28 18:41:11
Waited an hour and half for our food. Won’t be ordering again any time soon.
Title: 2022/11/2 12:23:34
I called 3 times and the phone rang and no one picked up. I ordered online thinking it was going to be easier for the staff and us. NOT! I ordered at 12:23 and when my coworker went to pick it up the order had not even been turned into the cook. We did not get our order until 1:35. The food is good but not that good to wait that long for it.
Title: 2020/12/9 10:32:33
I would like to buy a gift card for $50.00, but I don't want to come into the restaurant due to covid. How can I get a gift card? Thanks.
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